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16 Nov

I’m standing on the edge of the roof,

I can’t give lives any worthy proof.

I don’t have any words to explain,

I am the reason for all my pains.


Life is worthy if you stand alone,

That’s why all my friends are gone.

They all are winning their life,

They started their game for second fight.


The night is dark & scary,

I might cry aloud at the moonless wary.

Why we have to struggle to be happy?

Why do we all run after paper money?


The world have gone totally crazy,

But I’ll not run after this damn money.

Love is all I need, Love is all I give.

This is the way I choose to live.


Looking into the constant darkness,

I’m searching for some ray of hope.

But I know it’s there with god’s grace,

All lords will surely make me win life’s race.


I’m standing on the edge of roof,

With some promises I ought to keep.


Those promises are mine and I’ll surely someday shine…