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Today is my Birthday!

16 Oct

Today is my Birthday!
Thank you friends for your wishes and making my Facebook wall look like a celebrity’s wall. And thank you God for making able to see the life for the past 22 years and experience it with ups & downs. What a wonderful experience it has been so far.
The past year were not wonderfully good but was not also fathomable worse. I must thank god for the problems he made to face me, in a way these problems made me a stronger being. It was a learning experience for me.
The people I met in the journey of my life, the friends who joined me in my good and bad times as well, and the controversies I have been into with some delightful people in my life you all are wonderful to have. The girls who left me & those whom I left (long list to write), you all made me realise love is never final. Often most of my poems come out from your thoughts, words & memories. Thanks for the love & praise we together once shared. Thanks for breaking my heart into pieces, otherwise I would never have been the stupid poet I see myself today. Somebody said, ‘It’s good to have at least a heart break once in every life because that will let you know where you stand in this world and make you live a life better as a human.’ Well, considering all positives only, the negatives of heart break kept aside. 
Wherever I stand today, it’s because of my parents and their hope & faith in me. And I wish to grow further. They are the living gods I have ever met since my birth. Sometimes their words annoy me a lot, but then they have the right to say so to their child. Love you ‘maa & baba’. I have learnt many things from my brother too; he deserves to be what he is today. Wish someday he makes his name proud.
In the course of living life, I have hurt many and I know just feeling sorry is not done. But if someday I meet those hearts again, I would surely ask to forgive me for the mistakes I did may be intentionally or unintentionally.
Bless me lord for I can see the path to realise my dreams and bless those who prays to you. Keep the world safe, for people are there waiting to realise their dreams. Let the beauty of every soul shine like the sun and help others to shine at least like the moon. The world is a place to share love, peace & joy.
Happy Birthday to me.